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Do Desktop PCs have a future?

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Hello New Office

With all technology going mobile, tech geeks around the world are wondering whether desktop PCs have a future and if so, how they will be able to compete with smartphones, laptops and tablets. Will the desktop PC look as preposterous in 50 years as we perceive the first ENIAC computer today, or will it still be around and have a huge following?

When you think about it, everything in the tech world is getting smaller and smaller every day. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are getting thinner and thinner and their developers are figuring out brand new ways to make their parts smaller and fit them into ever-so-tiny spaces. On the other hand, there are the proud owners of colossal desktop PC towers who enjoy the grandeur of the machine. With the exception of the monitors, which are getting thinner, the PC is not really reducing in size.

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May 19th, 2013 at 9:10 pm

Posted in Technology