Do You Have Your Own Blog or Website?

Add Our Coupon Code Widget & Start Earning Today

Our new coupon code widget is a great tool for your website or blog, as it will add useful content to your site that your visitors will love. It will help save them money and at the same time, will earn you commission for any sales that it generates.

Choose Your Own Options to Suit Your Website

The coupon codes and offers displayed in the widget cover everything from electronics to travel, fashion to home and garden offers and everything in between, so your readers are sure to find something to benefit from.

There are five different widget colours to choose from, three different sizes and you can also choose the number of coupon codes you would like your widget to display.

You will receive a monthly payment for commissions confirmed during the previous month via Paypal.

Five Reasons to Sign Up for the Coupon Code Widget

  1. It is free to sign up and you can leave at any time.
  2. It will display the latest offers and coupon deals from top Australian stores, including many well-known and popular brands.
  3. Each time your visitor makes a transaction after clicking a link from your widget, you will receive 100% of the commission.
  4. You get your own control panel through which you can track your sales, which are updated weekly.
  5. Visitors are more likely to stay on your site longer while they view the available discounts, plus they are more likely to return.

About the Widget

Coupon code data along with the latest offers are compiled from, a leading Australian coupon site. You don't need any technical knowledge to add it to your blog or website. Simple instructions are provided that make it a quick and simple process.

Some of the following features are included:

  • Compatible with both Blogger and Wordpress sites.
  • Updates automatically on a regular basis with new codes and offers.
  • Check your earnings with your own secure admin panel.

Widget Sizes Available

Small, medium and large sizes are avavilable for your widget. The images below provide an illustration of how the sizes will appear. Visitors are able to scroll through the coupons using the up and down arrows, and they will also automatically rotate.

Small Widget

Medium Widget

Large Widget

Widget Colours Available

There are currently five colours that you can choose from for your widget, making it fit in with the style of your website perfectly. These are light blue, pink, red, beige and blue.

We are continuously developing the widget and will release more colours in the future. We would be happy to hear if you have any particular requests regarding this.

Affiliate Special Offer Commission and Requirements

During our special offer period, 100% of the commission that is paid by merchants for each transaction will be paid to affiliates. All that we ask for in return is for affiliates to publish a short post on their website introducing the widget to their readers. We ask that the post also mentions the website that the coupon codes are sourced from - - and provides a link back to the site.

Not only does this give us a small amount of promotion for the hard work that we have invested into developing this tool for our affiliates, but it also will increase your earning potential as it alerts your readers to the new addition to your site.

What Websites do we Approve?

There are coupon codes listed for many different types of stores, and with this in mind, we are able to approve a whole range of different sites, including tech blogs, fashion sites, beauty blogs and many more. In order to ensure that our good reputation remains in tact, there are a few exceptions. We will not approve sites that fall into any of the following categories:

  • Sites and blogs containing pornographic content.
  • Sites and blogs that contain bad language or violence.
  • Sites and blogs that contain extremist religious or illegalcontent.