The news and rumours surrounding Apple’s every new creation are always bountiful (the rumours more so than the news). After all, it was Steve Jobs who made every product release a big event and that legacy still lives on.

The next thing that fans, experts and tech geeks anxiously await is the newest version of the iOS mobile operating system. Currently, Apple mobile devices run with 6.1 so 7 is bound to be in the making. When should we expect it and what features will it have?

Release Date

As far as the release date goes, two major possibilities are currently being discussed. The first one suggests that iOS 7 will come with the iPhone 5S in the summer, and the second one says that it will come with the iPhone 6 in the autumn. The most likely scenario involves the system being announced in the summer and being made available to users in the fall. Whether expected iPhone release dates pan out and synchronise with our expectations is still to be seen.


iOS 6 gave us a very new and improved version of Siri, but with the Google Now app in Android Jelly Bean, it seems that Siri needs lots and lots of improvements. For one, she could sound a little more human-like and she could be a little faster. Plus, it seems that she understands fewer things than Google’s voice assistant does. As this feature is one of the biggest attractions for users, there is no doubt that iOS 7 will include a better version of Siri.


A giant black spot in Apple’s history was the renouncing of Google Maps and switching to the Apple Maps in iOS 6. Instead of reaching your destination via the best route, all you could expect was to get totally and completely lost. Now, with iOS 7 on the way, improvements are bound to be made. It’s more likely that the Apple Maps will get better rather than the company admitting defeat and going back to Google Maps.

Near Field Communication

As the entire world is switching to the NFC feature, Apple is likely to do the same. Near Field Communications are extremely useful in terms of data transfers, secure payments and much more – many companies already have the ability to process such transactions. So Apple is bound to take this step and include NFC capabilities in iOS 7.

Hide Apps

It often happens that Apple developers take into account what the users want for the next system and apply it. Many articles circle the web regarding features that the users want to see and it is likely that some of them will become reality.

One such feature is the ability to hide the apps the come installed with the device. All platforms have them and every user has a number of those that they never use. Many dream of the day when they will be able to hide them altogether (not uninstall – that’s unlikely) and not have to pass by them when trying to reach an app that’s actually useable. As Apple are renowned innovators, it would be great if they were the first to allow such an action.

As the release date gets nearer and nearer, the rumours will start to flow in much greater numbers, and it’s quite possible that some of them pan out. Until Tim Cook takes the floor, however, all we are doing is speculating.