Spring 2014 Colors

With the holiday season just behind us and the party-dress haste already gone, our fashion minds need something new to turn to. And what better than the coming spring and the colors it will demand from our wardrobes?

While autumn’s deep hues gradually turn into the winter’s dark ones, spring is all about a fresh start, a brightening of everyone’s moods, a blooming of life in nature and in our wardrobes. In fashion terms, spring is usually associated with soft pastel colors from the lighter spectrum, but as fashion is as much about innovation as it is about tradition, there are always a few exceptions to the rule.


And there is the first exception – this bright yellow is nowhere near the soft pastels of spring, but it is as good a representation of the season as could be. It is just like the sun that starts making more and more appearances and is perfect for accent pieces and accessorizing.


This shade is from the beige spectrum and as a very neutral color, provides a great base from which to start building your outfits. Choose trousers or skirts in this color, or just go for the easier option – a light spring jacket that will go with everything.

Celosia Orange

The Celosia Orange is somewhere between a pastel and a bright with a softness to it that makes it very gentle, but also a richness that instantly grabs the attention. Though it’s probably not the best choice for big pieces, it would look great on a top.


If you are a fan of coral colors, this is definitely your spring shade. Though it is just a tiny bit more prominent than its relative, it is still a color that puts you in a great mood and never goes unnoticed. Whatever pieces you choose to buy in this color, they will certainly grab centre stage in your wardrobe.

Radiant Orchid

This is a pinkish-purple shade that somehow speaks exactly of the transition between winter and summer. It is delicate, but demanding, warm and cold at the same time. Very versatile, this shade can be worn in various combinations.


Hemlock is a typical soft pastel green that can be seen every spring. It is very easy on the eyes so don’t be afraid to even go overboard with it and dress yourself in green from head to toe.


The Paloma is a very interesting color with slightly green, slightly grey undertones, maybe even a bit reminiscent of camouflage. Besides Sand, it is the only other neutral color in the palette so you might want to stock up.

Violet Tulip

This is the other purple in the palette, but it goes more towards the blue shades than Radiant Orchid. It is also softer, more pastel than bright, and more in compliance with spring’s fashion demands.

Placid Blue

This is a very light pastel blue that perfectly represents the spring skies and looks great on pretty much everyone. It is very suitable for tops and hair accessories.

Dazzling Blue

The Dazzling Blue is right there with Freesia in regards to the brightness. It is a rich and very noticeable blue that would look great on formal dresses.

The palette offers something for everyone this spring and lets you choose whether you want to carry a subtle elegance or instantly grab the attention of the people around you. After all, that’s what fashion is about, is it not?