Skirt Twist

Summer is the season of skirts. While they are worn all year because they enhance a woman’s feminine look, they are almost a necessity in the summer because of the blazing heat. As we want to be fashionable and on trend no matter what the outside temperature is, let’s see what the trends dictate for skirts this summer.

One of the most commonly seen skirt models on the catwalks this season is the A-line skirt. If you are unfamiliar with the term, the A-line skirt has a shape that resembles the letter A – fitted and tight at the hips and widening slightly with the length to finish at the knees or just below them. The A-line skirt is a great way to hide any thigh insecurities so this is a great trend for ladies of any size.

Another classic skirt cut the designers are pushing right now is the pencil skirt. The pencil skirt is so named because it is long and slim just like a pencil – the width it has at the hips continues on until the knees or just below them. Definitely not a look everyone can pull off, but if you have a pair of long slim legs then do go for it.

The length you will choose for the skirt doesn’t matter at all – we’ve seen miniskirts, mid-length skirts, ¾ length skirts, floor length skirts, and everything in between. What seems to be setting as a trend, however, is asymmetry. Choose a skirt that is shorter on one side and longer on the other to get this fantastic look.

Another shape-related trend has to do with the volume of the skirt and the decorations that have been added to the design. Currently, we are seeing lots of ruffles, folds, pleats, and all kinds of 3D additions to classically cut skirts.

As this year’s fashion trends draw lots of inspiration from the 60s and the 90s, we can see it in the skirts as well. The look back here takes place in the waist line – many designers are creating models with high waist lines to give them a vintage look.

As far as prints are concerned, checks and stripes will be very hot this summer, especially considering that combining opposite colours is also a current trend. So get your skirt in vertical black and white stripes to be on trend and visually elongate your figure.

Another print trend states that the prints should be bold and eye-catching – reptile skin, leopard, or any other daring design. The fabrics are also a-little-bit-out-there this summer – leather, suede, glitter, sequins – it all goes.

As was said above, opposite colour combinations are a go this summer. But which colours should you combine? Well, summer is a bright and fun season so forget all dark colours (with the exception of black and that is if you pair it with a brighter colour). According to the summer palette, all pastels and neons are allowed in various combinations according to your preferences. Choose a pastel outfit for a formal event or business meeting, and go all out on the neon for a night out on the town.

All of the above looks can be found on the high street, so no need to spend a fortune on getting this season’s skirt trends. Even the smaller boutiques are offering discounts to price their skirts more competitively, so take some time to compare the prices of your new wardrobe essential.

Whichever of the above looks you are going for, remember to select a look that flatters, rather than just basing your purchase on desire. Try on a few different styles to find the best look to suit you.